What is valgus flatfoot and how to cure this disease in children?

Ploskosalgusnaya deformity of the foot - such a diagnosis can most often be found in the card of babies of the first years of life. A similar pathology associated with the violation of the feet in a child is noted from the moment of the first steps.

It is at this time that deviations can be diagnosed, since it becomes clear how well the child has risen to his feet. Valgus deformity is a phenomenon that can be diagnosed not only by specialists, but also by parents. Therefore, pay attention to how the child steps on the foot.

About the disease

Many people mistakenly confuse and believe that valgus flatfoot and common flatfoot are one and the same. In fact, the localization of problems and pain occurs in different places.

Valgus deformity is characterized by the fact that the child relies heavily on the inside of the foot while walking. At the same time, in a completely different direction are the fingers and heel.

The norm is the direct setting of the legs. You can determine it from behind, looking at the baby. For this, a visually parallel line is drawn; if it is bent by the end, then we can talk about valgus flatfoot.

It can be noted that when visually viewed from the back, the two legs will resemble the letter X. In medicine, this disease is called cruciform.

A problem of this nature may be innate or acquired. Congenital curvatures are considered one of the most severe. They can be diagnosed even to the nonprofessional. They appear either immediately or by 2 months of the child.

Acquired problems are much more common. In the process of maturation and development errors occur in the musculoskeletal system, which leads to the development of the disease. Especially often the deformity is seen in children with overweight.

Comparison of flat and healthy foot.

Toddlers begin to stand on weak legs, which in turn immediately experience strong and serious pressure. With such a load is not always able to cope with the body.

The disease itself has a number of reasons that triggered the development mechanism:

  1. The biggest and most basic mistake is that they want their baby to start walking at a very early age.
    To do this, they put it in a walker or jumper. In fact, such a contraindicated child. Nature has provided for its gradual development. Namely, early laying on the legs indicates that the baby still has a weakened system of the musculoskeletal system, which soon leads to serious developmental disabilities.
  2. The weakness of the connective tissue - this factor is joined by an excessive load on the legs, which in such a duet is pushing for the development of various pathologies.

Most often the problem is reflected in children who:

  • premature;
  • suffer from developmental disabilities;
  • have cerebral palsy;
  • overweight;
  • after rickets;
  • have weak immunity;
  • wear uncomfortable shoes;
  • injuries to the knee, ankle or damaged tendons.

Degrees of pathology

Doctors decide to classify flat-foot deformity of the foot, depending on the severity and nature of the disease:

  1. Minor deviations.
    The angle does not exceed 15 degrees. It is amenable to timely diagnosis and early correction.
  2. The second degree is characterized by deviations of a more serious severity.
    The deviation does not exceed 20 degrees. The disease is curable by conservative means.
  3. The third - the angle of deviation from the norm to 30 degrees.
    The disease is difficult to treat, requires a long and comprehensive approach. Only with persistent correction, applied both at home and in hospital, a favorable outcome is possible.
  4. The fourth - the most severe stage, having a maximum angle of deviations.
    Often, after a long and complex treatment, the result is not expected. In this case, surgery is necessary.


Despite the fact that the valgus deviation, at times, is quite obvious, only an orthopedic specialist can diagnose this pathology.

The doctor is more likely not only to make an accurate diagnosis, but also indicates the degree of deviation from the norm. This is extremely necessary in order to understand how to continue the treatment.

Diagnostics from the surgeon takes place in several stages, including:

  • primary inspection;
  • podometryu;
  • X-ray;
  • plantography.

In the event that a very small patient turned for help, the surgeon is obliged to refer him to a neurologist who will rule out problems with the central nervous system.

Without fail, after the pathology is discovered, the doctor needs to understand the cause that formed the basis of the disease. It is necessary for its elimination and treatment.

After all, for example, if the problem is associated with rickets, then until it is cured, it will be impossible to talk about the further recovery of the little patient. Therefore, a comprehensive examination in this case not only does not hurt, but also helps to focus only on one health problem.

Conservative treatment

After diagnosing the pathology, determining its nature and type, it is worthwhile to think carefully about how the problem will be treated.

It should be understood that the treatment is mandatory is complex. The doctor will immediately advise a number of procedures and refer you to complex treatment. In addition, parents often need to support recovery and at home, wearing special shoes or doing massage.

Valgus deformity of the foot is a problem that still needs to be treated for a long time. Often in order to get rid of it completely, it is necessary to carry out annual procedures.

Orthopedic shoes

This is the first thing that a surgeon can advise. Often, even before a more detailed examination and examination, the doctor most likely prescribes orthopedic shoes. He does this so that parents do not lose time, and begin to correct the foot of the baby. The doctor writes out the direction in which points to abnormalities in the legs of the child.

With this direction, parents should go to an orthopedic salon. It is there that the specialist will select the pair that is ideal for your child under the current state. Orthopedic shoes are distinguished by the fact that they have a high lift, rigid walls at the back and sides, a small heel and an instep.

Diagnosis and treatment of flatfoot.


Mandatory course, without which the correction of the foot is impossible. The massage takes place in several stages, including stroking, tapping, pressing on problem areas. It is better to do massage for these children constantly, therefore, moms and dads need to go to special training courses to reduce the cost of the procedure.

After completing the massage session, it is worth making a special foot bath.

Foot baths

Such baths should be done by the child in the evening, and best of all before bedtime. They are able to relax the body. In boiled warm water is to add aromatic herbs with a relaxing effect.

For a relaxing bath, a decoction of chamomile, mint, lemon balm or regular baking soda is suitable. It is best not to add everything at once. Use different herbs every day for a better result.

Paraffin therapy

This is a modern method, around which there are many disputes. By the assurances of some, it is quite effective. But others point to significant and obvious flaws. Paraffin therapy can also be carried out at home, it is enough to buy paraffin in a pharmacy.

Melted means is used in the form of a special compress, which is applied in the form of boots. On top of all wrapped with plastic wrap, leaving in this state for 15-20 minutes.


Includes a number of simple exercises that are necessary to maintain the muscles of the foot in good shape. Specialists often advise to perform such gymnastics on special mats. It has special massage needles that increase the effectiveness of the exercise.

After gymnastics, blood circulation begins to improve and stagnant areas of the foot work better.


A method that aims to electrostimulate muscles and ligaments. With his help, all muscles that are considered asleep are included in the work. It is worth noting that this method does not affect the cure. It is only capable of a complex effect and thereby improving the general condition of the human body.


First of all, it is worth thinking about food. In most cases, still, obese children suffer from valgus deformity of the foot. They have a similar phenomenon is observed more often. Therefore, parents should be as closely as possible to closely monitor the diet.

To do this, exclude from the diet of fatty foods, replacing them with healthy vegetables, fruits, stewed food.

Surgical treatment

In extremely rare cases, experts resort to surgical intervention. It is appointed only if there is no positive dynamics. During the operation, the tendon muscles are strengthened.

The doctor puts on a child a plaster with which he exists for another 3 weeks, after that it is necessary to wear special orthopedic shoes.

Opinion of Dr. Komarovsky about the defect

A well-known specialist Dr. Komarovsky is sure that parents need to give their child the opportunity to walk barefoot as often as possible. In the warm season, even on the streets of the city, on the playgrounds, you can roll out the baby so that he can run, feeling all the irregularities. This is the best massage.

In addition, discard early setting in child restraints. At the age of 9 months to a year, your child will definitely go.


Valgus flatfoot in children is not a serious pathology if detected and cured in time. She currently does not bring such acute health problems to the child. But parents and the doctor must choose a comprehensive treatment, to comply with it, so that in a short time the baby learns to walk correctly.

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