Use of the drug Sevoran - for and against

Any surgical intervention is carried out with the help of anesthesia. It includes certain drugs. Especially carefully to the issue of anesthesia are parents. Everyone wants to not have any negative effects on the child's body.

All anesthesia is distinguished, first of all, by the method of administration. They may be inhaled or intravenous. The most benign and safe method of administering anesthesia to a child is inhalation.

Features anesthetic drug

One of the most popular inhalants is Sevoran. Apply it for short surgeries or in dentistry. In this case, it does not require a serious and large supply of anesthesia, so it is usually treated with such a means.

It looks like a white, colorless liquid, resembling water.

The choice of Sevoran is associated with a whole range of its advantages:

  • does not irritate the respiratory tract;
  • does not affect hemodynamics;
  • does not dissolve in the blood;
  • rapidly excreted from the body;
  • sinking to sleep in a few breaths;
  • the termination of the introduction of funds promotes instant awakening;
  • minimal negative effects.

A significant disadvantage of Sevoran is its high price. However, experts in order to reduce such negative feedback have developed a special low-flow feed, due to which the product is consumed much more slowly.

How to conduct anesthesia Sevoran?


To conduct anesthesia should be prepared. The child is forbidden to eat 5 hours before anesthesia. He must have an empty stomach. Often children put an enema, because it is quite difficult for them to diet for a long time.

The baby is placed on the operating table, a mask is put on it, into which the drug is already being delivered. A few breaths and exhalations, the child falls asleep. At the same time, the mask remains on the face, because it is periodically supplied with medication, allowing the body to be in the same state.

With the introduction of anesthesia, there are several characteristic stages or conditions:

  1. Partial loss of pain lasts from 2 to 5 minutes.
  2. Excitement at which arterial pressure rises, but at the same time sensitivity remains at the same level. At this time, surgeons do not perform the operation, waiting until the body moves to another stage.
  3. The stage of anesthesia, which can be both light and deep. It all depends on the manipulation and the desired time of lack of consciousness.
  4. The recovery of the body, starting with the excitation, and then the return of sensitivity.

Sevoran allows surface anesthesia, which means that the patient wakes up quickly enough and regains consciousness in a short time.

Possible side effects and effects of anesthesia

Each organism is individual and no one will be able to tell you in advance about the consequences of a negative nature. For some, they will be obvious and obvious, but there are also those patients who without problems endure not only the operation, but also the anesthesia itself.

The most common side effects are attributed to:

  • drowsiness;
  • lethargy;
  • apathy;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • low blood pressure;
  • vomiting;
  • itching;
  • hives.

There is nothing terrible in the fact that a child upon awakening will experience nausea and lethargy. This is a normal reaction that happens in most cases after anesthesia has passed.

Sevoran - is it possible for a child?

Experiments of anaesthesiologists say that the drug is absolutely harmless to the health of the child. The drug promotes rapid immersion in a state of anesthesia. In addition, it is noted and rapid removal from a similar state. This indicates the ease of its use.

The composition itself is distinguished by only one component, which means that there is no extra load on the body. Of course, in some cases, there may be negative consequences. However, they are not serious, and this justifies using Sevoran for a child.



Sevoran is a highly effective drug that can be used as anesthesia for children from birth to adolescence. A competent specialist will be able to regulate the depth of the introduction of anesthesia, which will facilitate a comfortable operation and an easy way out of the clouded state.

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