Methods of memory development in children

Parents are trying to develop their children in different directions since childhood. Often the child is not able to memorize a simple poem, parents begin to get angry at him. Although in fact the problem here is precisely the wrong approach and education.

The development of memory is considered a long and painstaking process for which the parents themselves must be responsible. This is daily work. However, with proper and harmonious observance of all the rules, you may end up with a decent result.


In the world there are certain techniques developed by well-known teachers. Currently, a greater number of pre-school and school educational institutions are working on them. These techniques have shown their effectiveness, and therefore can be used in any family.

Glenn Doman technique

Glen Doman is a well-known specialist who has developed a large amount of supporting literature for the easier stage of teaching a child. Glen Doman became the first scientist who began to assert that it was necessary to develop the child in a complex way.

For example, if you develop only mental activity, it will not open fully. To create a complete and extensive picture, it is necessary to pay attention to physical activity. Those parents who paid attention to these two aspects in the development of the child received the most positive result in the end.

Doman says that the effect will be noticeable only with a daily result. Therefore, try every day to pay attention to your child, thereby revealing his mental potential.

Glen Doman has developed special cards, in their set there are 120 pieces. A parent shows his child a card, tells what is depicted on it, then removes it. The essence of the technique lies precisely in the short-term display.

Do not think that the child will not be able to remember. Perhaps at one time he will not succeed, but the next day he will be able to fix more details in his memory. This method allows you to develop a reaction and memory.

For many, this technique seems incomprehensible, because its essence is precisely in speed. If the card is shown 30 times, then it is considered studied and must be replaced. Thus, everything is done until all 120 cards are used.

Montessori technique

One of the most popular methods used around the world. Maria Montessori is an Italian woman, teacher and doctor who developed her own method.

The method is considered unique due to a special approach. The child does not develop a competitive spirit. It develops and grows at the pace that suits him best. As a rule, with this method, children of different ages are placed in the same group.

The younger ones watch the elders, and the adults help the little ones. As a result, each child develops the necessary feelings and knowledge.

A child has been learning independence since childhood. According to this method, he is free to choose any occupation he likes. After a short period of training, the baby easily finds errors and corrects them.

The task of an adult is extremely serious. He should help the child to do this or that movement independently, that is, an adult creates the conditions that will help the child to unlock the potential and solve the problem.

However, this theory also has opponents who assert that it impedes creativity, forcing the child to move along the same given pattern.

Game development


Learn playfully is a simple rule that makes any child act. In fact, at a certain age, babies are extremely negative about what they are ordered or forced to do.

Parents should be cunning and educate, fully develop their child so that at the same time he does not feel discomfort. In fact, one may be surprised to learn that there is nothing difficult in the form of a game. It sometimes surrounds us everywhere. It is only necessary to isolate and recognize it.

Simple tips will help to establish contact with the child and develop his memory, without resorting to complex techniques.

Method 1 - ask how was the day child

Be sure to every day in the evening, you can ask your child before bedtime how his day went. He will remember to strain his mental abilities, thereby training the memory. In addition, this method forms a competent and correct speech. Accordingly, you need to ask leading questions first.

For example, ask what they played in kindergarten, or how the girlfriend Lisa was dressed. Do not worry about what you ask banal things. The child at this age is interested in everything, so he will surely tell you what Lisa came to, and what color her dress was.

Method 2 - read books with your child

Books are not accidentally considered the best friend of people. They help develop mental activity, creativity and enhance memory. Start with short stories or quatrains. Be sure to read, ask the child a question, thereby bringing him to the dialogue.

You can ask to repeat, at the same time tell me that you forgot that Tanya dropped into the water or who broke the egg of Ryaba Chicken. The child will be happy to help you and will answer all questions.

Method 3 - play with the child in words

An exciting game that will help pass the time in the queue or entertain before going to bed. Parent calls 10 animals or plants. The task of the child is to repeat as many words as possible. You can add competitive spirit by playing with the baby in turn.

Only in this case, from time to time you will have to succumb to your son or daughter feeling rivalry, and did not understand that you are an unconditional leader.

Effective methods of memory development.

Method 4 - train the care of the child

Find two identical pictures on the Internet, ask them to recognize how they differ. This may be a detail on the clothes or the surrounding interior. As a rule, in this case it is necessary to find 10 differences. Try each time complicate the task.

Method 5 - Master the Method of Cicero

A unique technique that allows you to memorize a large number of items. Its essence is to arrange all things in your favorite space or your room. For example, the words orange, elephant, volcano, tree and socks. It would seem that the objects are not related to each other, and this may complicate the process of memorization.

Using the method of Cicero, all things are placed in the same space. We put an orange on the bedside table before the bed, put the toy elephant to bed, the volcano erupts on TV, the room tree grows on the windowsill, and the socks are neatly folded in the closet.

Method 6 - teach your child the association method

A technique that is useful in adulthood. In order to fully master it, it is worth initially explaining what associations are. They cause a connection with those or other objects of reality.

For example, water may be wet, but tulips are associated with spring. At the same time, remember that the associations of each person are different, regardless of kinship or education. They can be funny or touching.

Method 7 - learn a foreign language with your baby

Even if your child does not connect his life with in-depth study of foreign languages, this will help him train his memory and develop his mental abilities. Every day, try to memorize from 5 to 10 new foreign words. Repeat them throughout the day.

In the future, you will not have time to notice how the child deftly recalls those words that were learned a few days ago.

Method 8 - give the child to the sport

It is not by chance that Glen Doman assured that mental and physical activity are closely interrelated. Playing sports improves blood supply, which contributes to a rush of blood to the brain and, accordingly, its activation. For young children need frequent walks in the fresh air.

Method 9 - teach your child to strain the memory

An independent world, unfortunately, from an early age teaches kids to the Internet or to search for information in books. And so important, if you forget something, sit for a few minutes in silence, strain your brain and try to remember. This kind of training will have a positive effect on mental activity.

Method 10 - make the right diet

There are products that have a beneficial effect on the work of the brain.

They must be included in the diet and consumed several times a week:

  • red fish;
  • beef;
  • cottage cheese;
  • bananas;
  • nuts;
  • prunes;
  • raisins;
  • spinach;
  • broccoli.

Of course, almost none of the children love these products. However, they should be taught to them, gradually adding to the menu. At the same time, the diet can be diversified with vitamins and products containing useful trace elements.


Spend as much time as possible with your child, play with him and watch his development. Then you will be easy enough to pick up the technique that your baby learns. It should consist of a set of exercises and easily perceived by the youngest children.

Playfully, the child will not notice how he is accustomed to books, poems, stories and intellectual games. As long as everything exists at his subconscious level, the probability of accustoming the baby to useful things and developing high mental abilities is correspondingly high.

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