What gift to get a child for 7 years?

On the eve of children's birthday, parents and relatives are puzzled over what to give them to the child. Of course, first of all it is necessary to rely on the age category. A girl of 7 will no longer be interested in swinging a doll, and a boy will roll a typewriter.

These gifts have a place to be, but they appear in a completely different interpretation. For example, girls instead of a pink baby doll appear Barbie doll, which has a lot of clothes, personal home, transport and children. For boys, the usual machine turns into a radio-controlled.

What kind of toys can you give to a seven-year-old child?

There are several classifications of popular toys for a gift to a child for 7 years. At the same time, it is necessary to rely not only on your own taste and color, but also on the desires of the student. As a rule, at this age, the child already understands that he wants to receive, he has certain priorities and aspirations.

Shopping for active kids

Most of the children at this age are active, mobile and energetic. They do not like to sit at home, seeking to go out to have fun.

For them and those who are older, for example, for 8 years you can donate the following things:

  1. Bicycle - regardless of gender, a bicycle can be a great gift.
    The girl will like a more feminine and tender model, and the boy will be satisfied with the option that is equipped with a large number of additional functions.
  2. Giroskuter - modern technology, which is gaining increasing popularity among today's youth.
    In terms of price, it can be compared to a bicycle, so it is not something expensive. Giroskuter is a safe transport, because it does not accelerate too quickly.
  3. Roller skates - it's easy to run on a good road with the help of roller skates, for this you just need to become more maneuverable.
    This kind of hobby helps to control coordination.

Educational gifts

The younger school age is a special period when it is necessary to inculcate the love of knowledge in a child. This can be done with the help of games that help to study new items and things.

Fortunately, there are currently a large number of kits for chemists, young mathematicians and biologists. Fascinating experiences and assignments will transform from a silly kid into a knowledgeable child.

For 9 years, you can already give independent sets for creativity. This will help the child to take up any one hobby. For example, for girls fit kits for embroidery or sewing. For boys, carving can be a great hobby.

Surprises to the first grader

7 years is the age at which the child is just starting school. A great gift for your baby and his parents will be a big school set. It can be collected already depending on financial possibilities. The kit includes a backpack and stationery.

Children love everything new, so they will appreciate their portfolio with pleasure. Pay special attention to stationery. The store has a large number of them. At the same time, they have fancy shapes and colors. And notebooks and diaries have long ceased to amaze.

However, a child who just went to school will be pleased with such an acquisition. First, such a gift will become necessary. Secondly, of course, the child will like it.

Memorable and symbolic gifts

Children love everything new and unusual. Therefore, a gift can meet these requirements. For example, purchase a box for snacking. Going to school, my mother put the child in the box a sandwich, which he will have a snack at lunchtime. The box itself can be in the form of a funny owl, and star warriors.

Girls will love funny decorations, which will be in the form of unicorns or cute kittens. As for boys, for them icons with the image of superheroes can become memorable.

Original ideas to make a holiday unforgettable.


It is important not only to give a birthday gift, but also to hold an unforgettable event. This can be done only with carefully planned preparation. Think of a theme of celebration. In this case, be sure to consult with a birthday boy.

Perhaps he will want to become one of the literary characters, and perhaps for him the heroes of famous comics will be much better. Then think about the option with clothes. For her it should be clear which hero is the birthday man.

Think over small costumes for the rest of the guests. It can be masks, heroic attributes in the form of swords and pistols, hats.

Well-planned contests, riddles and quizzes will help children to relax and feel free at the celebration.

Gifts for special kids

Special children with disabilities are not much different from normal healthy children. The only thing that they can not so fully own their bodies. In this regard, a number of difficulties arise when choosing a gift.

In addition, due to their reduced attention to themselves, these children need as much love as possible. Therefore, any gift brought will be a valuable treasure for them.

Of course, options with sports gifts, children with cerebral palsy do not immediately fit. It is impossible to imagine a disabled person freely driving a bicycle. They should give something for creativity.

If the child does not yet have a specific hobby, then he can be sent in one direction. Even if he suffers from autism. For example, it can be knitting or drawing.

What can you give to girls?

Girls as an unforgettable gift can be given:

  • a book;
  • a doll;
  • popular cartoon character;
  • unusual notebook for creativity;
  • stationery (markers with glitter, vanishing pen);
  • Puzzle;
  • set for creativity.

It happens that at the age of 7 the girl is very similar in leashes to the boy. In this case, it will suit more masculine gifts. Do not worry about this, being a teenager, she will definitely feel like a girl.

Choosing a gift for boys


Boys are more active and energetic than girls. Therefore, all their gifts will be mobile. For example, it will be interesting if the boy gets a set of spy. It includes a listening device, a special geolocator, a compass, handcuffs and a pistol. With such a set, the boy can play both with himself and with his friends, relatives.

More children love to conduct experiments. Many adults have already thrown carbide into water in childhood. At present, a large number of interesting sets of chemists have appeared, allowing to combine various elements and monitor the reaction without injury. For example, foam may crawl out or water will change its color.

Can I give expensive gifts?

As a rule, by the age of 7, children change their attitude to toys. It becomes more careful. Therefore, it is already possible to give more expensive gifts. But parents should have a conversation with their child, explaining how to handle this or that thing.

If you know that your baby is obscene about things, then you should give up expensive gifts. It is much better to replace them with something cheaper.

If we are talking about modern gadgets, then they should refrain from. Since the child can someone accidentally push, and the phone just fall on the asphalt. In this case, both the kid and his parents will be upset.

Hand-made gifts, gifts, impressions and money

When you know how to do something with your gifts, it adds additional benefits. For example, it is very pleasant to receive as a gift a postcard made by yourself or a special toy.

Recently, very popular things made with their own hands. But they, as a rule, are most valued precisely on the girl. Indeed, at this age, they already show increased attention to beauty. Boys are unlikely to be happy about such a thing, because they will not understand its value and not know what to do with it.

Money is not advisable to give at such a young age. They are suitable as a gift only if parents want to buy something large-scale. Adults, having come on their birthday, must hand the money to their parents or make sure that the child gives them into their hands.

Live gifts


One and all children adore animals, especially if there is no one in their house. For example, children have a strong love for dogs and cats. For them, these are real friends and family members. I especially want an animal for those kids who have no one in the house.

Remember that such gifts can be presented to their children only by parents or close relatives with the approval of the parents. It is prohibited to bring a hamster into the house without asking permission from adults.


The choice of gifts in the modern world for younger students is quite wide. This may be sports hobbies, and a variety of hobbies, and even pets.

Going to the birthday, it is useful to ask the parents what they would like to see as a gift to their child. As a rule, parents are best aware of the desires, hobbies and needs of their children.

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