How to choose and use jumpers for kids?

Jumpers are a modern kind of device designed for children. The child will be happy to ride on such an acquisition. But many moms and doctors argue about its benefits.

Therefore, before you make a purchase, it is worth considering whether this device is necessary.

Age for jumpers

Doctors and manufacturers of children's devices have long argued about the age at which the use of jumpers is allowed.

It is worth noting that manufacturers indicate the earliest possible date, since they are more interested in selling than in the safety or health of your baby. Therefore, their indicators and criteria should be based on the very last.

Manufacturers indicate that jumpers can be used from 4 months. However, at this time the baby’s spine is still very weak, so there is a risk of damaging it and causing harm. At about 6 months old, the baby begins to sit down, and his spine is getting stronger.

Only upon reaching this age can you think about purchasing assistive devices. At the same time, consider the personal physiological features of the baby. If a child is 6-7 months old and he is not sitting yet, then restraining devices should be discarded.

Approximately to 1 year the child refuses independently from jumpers. At this age for him they are a restriction of freedom. The kid wants to move, not depending on the specific cocoon around him.

Doctors point to individual contraindications, having which it is necessary to abandon the device:

  • rickets;
  • developmental delays;
  • reduced leg tone;
  • skin diseases of the perineum;
  • neurological disorders;
  • orthopedic problems.

What threatens the premature landing?


Parents should not force events. The child will soon grow to the age at which he can be in special jumpers. In the meantime, it is worth waiting and caring for the health of your child.

A huge load goes to the spine of the baby, up to 6 months it is not strong. It turns out that parents, as it were, forcibly stretch the spine and create an additional load for it. This is fraught with health problems in the future.

Opinion of doctors

Doctors are not able to walk anything, but they assure that they must be used wisely. Dr. Komarovsky argues that you can not put a child for a long time in the jumpers, regardless of age. If you do this for the first time, then a maximum of 5-7 minutes.

Experts claim that you should not force a child to be forced. If he does not want, then you should not insist.

Pros and cons of the simulator

After analyzing the obvious advantages and disadvantages, we can conclude about the need to use the simulator for the child.


  1. The vestibular apparatus develops; the little one is in limbo, it is still not standing steadily on its feet, while making oscillatory movements.
  2. Improved coordination.
  3. An interesting way to learn about the world.
  4. A child learns to understand how to control his arms and legs.
  5. The beneficial effect on the psyche.
  6. Joy in a child.
  7. Mom and dad can relax for a few minutes and devote time only to themselves.


  1. Possible problems with the spine and posture.
  2. Problems later on with attempts to start walking (the child gets used to push off with two legs).
  3. Improper formation of the foot (the child is on the toes).
  4. Does not learn balance.

Please note that if your child does not want to sit in the simulator, then you should not force him to plant. In it, he will only scream that will not bring a positive result in the future. If you wish, you can gradually accustom the baby, occasionally showing on the device and telling what it is.

How to secure?


There are three different types of attachment. The first comes with a special stand, on which the cable itself is located. The second and third type of fastening assume installation on a doorway by means of a special carbine or hook.

In order to attach the simulator, you will need to take a drill, a pencil and a screwdriver. Initially mark where your device will be. It should be in a safe place so that the child does not get nearby objects or equipment.

Drill one hole in the doorway. The second step will need to insert a special dowel. Screw in the swing hook that comes in the set. A carbine is inserted into the hook, onto which the jumpers themselves are suspended.

In that case, if there is no desire to drill the walls, you can consider the option with a suspension system.

How to choose the right jumpers for children?

In stores on the shelves is a large selection of simulators for children. They have different shapes, colors, fixtures and of course, price. It’s hard to imagine how to choose and which criteria you should rely on.

By no means always children's expensive thing means a quality product. There is no specific rule to help you make the right choice.

But when buying is worth guided by several points.

  1. Consult with a neurologist about the need and the possibility of purchasing a simulator for the child. Perhaps the specialist will ask you to postpone the purchase or not allow him to do this at all.
  2. Think over not only how the model looks, but also how it will fit into your apartment. If you have 1 room in which 4 people live, then it will be clearly impossible to put into it a floor-standing simulator that will take up half the space.
  3. See how stable the equipment is outdoor.
  4. Choosing a suspension model, pay attention to the fasteners that must be available.
  5. Outdoor options, although more expensive, but have the greatest entertainment system. These are toys, rattles, musical buttons and calls.
  6. Ask the seller for a certificate of quality for your chosen product.


Jumping for children does not immediately mean something negative. In that case, if parents apply them wisely, then they can derive a lot of advantages from such a simulator.

Should be especially careful about the safety of the child. It is not allowed to leave it in the swing swing alone. He should always be supervised.

Watch the video: Safety FIRST . Kids at the Swimming Pool using Puddle Jumpers (April 2020).


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