The best gifts for discharge from the hospital

Presentation gifts are a rather sensitive issue and a difficult topic. At this moment, as a rule, everyone is perplexed.

Parents do not know how to thank the doctor and obstetrician, the husband does not understand what to give to his wife, but the guests are puzzled by how to please the newborn. Everything should be figured out in order.

What to present at discharge?

The first people who saw the baby are medical staff. They didn’t just see him, but they helped bring him to the world. Skilled and well-coordinated work of the staff at the maternity hospital helped the young mother to easily give birth to a healthy baby.

Many families wonder about the need for gifts for staff. In fact, this is a completely natural phenomenon. The gift deserves not only the mother with the baby, but also the doctors, obstetricians, because for them it is also a holiday.

Medical staff

As a rule, parents are limited to non-large and serious gifts. In this matter, the main thing is not the gift itself, but the attention that the young family provides. They not only thank for the birth of the baby, but also treat their loved ones, wanting everyone to rejoice in the appearance of the crumbs.

Usually as gifts to the medical staff are:

  • candy boxes;
  • flowers;
  • champagne;
  • cake;
  • fruits;
  • cognac;
  • coffee;
  • tea.

Despite the fact that these are fairly banal kits, they are still universal. Having presented such gifts, you will surely please the employees. Small gifts from parents are divided among employees working in the shift. Accordingly, they will be very pleased to drink tea in the evening with a delicious cake that you presented.

When choosing gifts worth to look at their price. As a rule, medical personnel receive not one box of chocolates per day, so you should not save on this. If you give coffee, then buy a good and expensive option. It will be much better if you give one or two presents, but of decent quality.


The most important and responsible person who is present at the birth. Thanks to him, the generic activity itself safely or not proceeds. The doctor requires special thanks. Therefore, do not skimp not only on words, but also on gifts.

In the case of gifts to doctors, there is no need to choose banal things. The best opportunity will be to thank - to give an unusual and original gift. For example, it may be a jar of orange jam with an unusual inscription "The best doctor."

Be careful and attentive when choosing cosmetics. It is unlikely that you will be able to guess which means your doctor uses. If you decide to give just such a gift, it is better to stay on a gift certificate to the store perfume and cosmetics.

The doctor will be pleased if you express his appreciation for the work. Therefore, as a gift there can be a thank-you review in the staff book. Before discharge, be sure to ask about this book. In any maternity hospital, it is required to provide it on request. In her leave feedback about the doctor who took delivery.

What to give my mother a newborn at check out from the guests?


At the solemn moment of discharge from the maternity hospital, the young mother and her newborn baby are greeted by the guests. As a rule, these are the closest family members and relatives. Doctors do not advise to invite a large number of people.

All guests come not only with a festive mood, but also with gifts for mom. It is worth making a reservation that this is not a mandatory condition, so no one will be offended if you suddenly do not have a separate gift for your mother.

The most popular gifts for women are:

  • flowers;
  • air balloons;
  • money;
  • certificates to the beauty salon;
  • linens;
  • Houseware.

As a rule, the most unexpected and pleasant surprise for a woman is a trip to a beauty salon. For the week spent in the hospital, the girl lost her strength. To restore them will help not only cosmetic procedures, but also a banal manicure.

At this time, take on part of the care of the crumbs, then you will be able to make a truly fabulous gift for a young mother.

What to give his wife on an extract?

A man thanks his woman most of all for giving birth to his child. As a rule, a gift from a loved one will directly depend on financial opportunities. There are no clear rules on this issue. However, it is known for sure that the young husband should pay attention to his wife and present a truly chic gift.

As a gift can be used:

  • fur coats, coats;
  • Jewelry;
  • modern gadgets;
  • car;
  • tour packages.

As a rule, a man does not have to puzzle over what to give to his faithful. You can always ask during the pregnancy what your wife would most like to receive as a gift. Often husbands know the preferences and tastes of their wives, so they can choose a gift on their own, without even asking their friends for advice.

A man comes to the statement with a bouquet of flowers in a beautifully decorated car. Gift no need to take with you. A present should be presented at home in a quiet family setting. This can be done as with all the guests, and left alone.

What gives the state at discharge from the hospital?

Depending on the region of residence, the region provides gifts for women who have just given birth and their newborns. In some regions, the gifts are in the cash option. There are those areas that offer real gifts.

The Moscow, Vologda, Tula regions and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District give out special gift boxes to all women. They are clothes and hygiene items that are needed for the first time any baby.

Gift boxes are stocked with:

  • clothes;
  • diapers;
  • diapers;
  • warm jumpsuit;
  • comb;
  • children's manicure set;
  • thermometer;
  • cotton pads;
  • ear sticks.

Often, representatives from various companies of baby food, hygiene products and care come to the maternity hospital. As their own advertising, managers give women a few test sets of certain things. This can also be considered a good gift for the first time.

With the support of large families in some maternity hospitals of the country, children's car seats, cribs and playpens are handed over. All this contributes to an increase in the birth rate in the country.



The gift for an extract from the maternity hospital concerns both guests and young parents. After all, this is a solemn moment in life, during which you want to give your happiness and joy to all the people around you.

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