How to treat thrush during pregnancy

Thrush, she vaginal candidiasis, often manifests itself at the most inopportune moment, namely, in the waiting period of the baby. The root cause of this is the weakened immunity of the future mom. But it also plays a role in increasing female hormones, which makes the vaginal environment more acidic. And if in a normal situation a woman knows how to deal with this, then the treatment of thrush during pregnancy raises a lot of questions.

Twenty-sixth week of pregnancy

Every day you feel how your connection with the child becomes stronger and more sensitive. No wonder: after all, on the calendar of pregnancy is already the 26th week. You get used to your position, despite all the difficulties of this period, you know the mode of the day your baby and talk with him. The development of the child at week 26 Little bogatyr is becoming closer and closer in each week in the mother's womb: he is rapidly gaining weight, growing, and his internal organs and systems of the body complete their intrauterine formation.

Ingrown nail in a child: causes and treatment

Some parents face the problem of onichocryptosis. This term in medicine denotes the pathology of the growth of the nail plate of the toes, in other words, the ingrown nail. Consider the main reasons for its occurrence in children and how to deal with it. Causes of ingrown nail in children 1. Although quite rare, an ingrown nail can be a congenital problem.