Nephropathy during pregnancy: symptoms and treatment of the disease

Often, nephropathy is diagnosed in pregnant women: consider what it is, what the disease is and what manifestations it is characterized by? This is one of the forms of late toxicosis, due to the fact that a woman has problems with the capillaries of the kidneys. As a result, edemas appear, proteinuria syndrome occurs (the presence of protein in the urine), hypertension is noted, oliguria is observed (a decrease in the daily urine dose).

Christmas party in kindergarten - 5 most popular questions!

The Soviet times were long gone, when the New Year matinee in kindergarten was rehearsed for years and everyone knew what to do and what to wear. Modern morning performances for children - this is the same significant event as a dinner party in a chic restaurant for adults. Only Christmas costumes are worth something!

Causes of enuresis (urinary incontinence) in children

Before talking about the causes of urinary incontinence, you need to know that enuresis is day and night. The first is quite rare, mainly in children 3-4 years. But the second is familiar to many parents. If you look at the statistics, you will see that about 20% of children under the age of 5 suffer from it, 10% - 10 years, 3% - 12-14 years, and about 1% of adults (over 18).