Successful passage of IVF

In vitro fertilization promises many infertile women to become mothers. This procedure is carried out absolutely free on the territory of the Russian Federation for a certain category of citizens. For the successful passage of IVF women are ready for a lot. However, in spite of the miracles that artificial insemination promises, it is far from being successful for all married couples.

Embryo development stages

The origin of a new life is a real miracle. For 9 months of pregnancy, a real baby is formed from several cells, ready to be born. It is in the mother’s belly that the child develops with lightning force. We can confidently say that this is his most important progress in life. Doctors indicate that with each week the baby acquires new characteristics and abilities.

How to make a handmade decor for a child's birthday?

Children's birthday is a real holiday, which necessarily requires decoration. Without registration it is impossible to imagine a full celebration. Entering the decorated hall, the guests will immediately realize that they are present at a birthday party. In fact, there is nothing difficult to decorate the room.

Raising a hyperactive child

In the previous article, we talked about the causes of hyperactivity. Today we will continue the discussion of the topic and talk about the features of the education of hyperactive children. We hope our advice will be really useful for parents. Raising a hyperactive child needs to start from yourself ... To begin with, you should clearly understand that there are no magic pills that can instantly turn a hyperactive baby into a quiet and obedient one.

Roseola in children is no cause for concern!

Roseola is a viral disease that children of the first two years suffer from. It is caused by some types of herpes virus. Onset of the disease: the baby's temperature rises sharply in the first 3-5 days, a pink rash resembling rubella appears on the face, neck and body. In addition, roseola in children may be mistaken by doctors recognized as SARS, an allergic reaction.