Acne during pregnancy: the causes of their appearance and treatment methods

The hormonal changes in the body of a woman carrying a child respond primarily to the skin. Pigment spots are often poured out, and acne during pregnancy is also a frequent phenomenon. They are quite painful, accompanied by a constant feeling of discomfort, and most importantly - spoil the appearance of a woman whose happiness nothing should darken in such an interesting position.

What to give a child for the New Year: the best gifts by age for boys and girls

There is no parent who would not ask himself this relevant question for December and would not have broken his head, thinking that he would give a child for the New Year in such a way as to please him. It is no secret that kids of any age are waiting for this holiday as a real miracle. It is still difficult for them to distinguish a fairy tale from reality, and most of them believe that Grandfather Frost himself sent these colorful, bright, huge boxes with bows.

Tendency to bradycardia of the heart in a child: symptoms and treatment

Rarely, but still, there are cases when the bradycardia of the heart is noted in children: what is this disease that can be diagnosed at any age? This is a sharp and quite significant decrease in heart rate, going beyond any norms. They say about bradycardia in newborns, when the heart rate is reduced to 100 beats / minute, in babies from 1 year old to 6 years old - to 70-75 beats, in adolescence - approximately to 60.

Causes of an increase in the thymus gland in children

The thymus gland (thymus gland) is an important organ of the immune system, the beginnings of which appear after 6 weeks of gestation, and by the time it is born, it grows to 10-20 g. Now a few words about the role of the thymus, which is also called the "school" of lymphocytes. This analogy is carried out because of its functions.